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       If you pay for aimbot you don't need to buy it again except you want second license if aimbot not working send message to muaddib he will fix aimbot for you only if you buy it. PLEASE NOTE AIMBOTS ARE NO LONGER FREE  
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      FORUM RULES   11/15/2016

      Forum Rules and Guidelines Welcome to the Official BlackWot forums! These forums are here to provide you with a friendly atmosphere where you can discuss ideas, aimbot settings, give advice to other users in regards to issues you may have had yourself, suggest what mods you might like to see in the future, and discuss any other aspect of BlackWot with other players or BlackWot staff.   !. PROHIBITIONS and RESTRICTIONS
      1. Forum etiquette
         Users are not allowed to abuse others, make personal attacks or behave disrespectfully.
         This applies to both public threads and private messages (PMs).
         Disrespect can include: Trolling Harassment or Defamatory remarks Profanity, Inappropriate language or abbreviations there of Personal abuse or attacks Derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, sex, or sexual preference, This includes "jokes" in bad taste. This behavior has no place on the BlackWot forums due to its extremely offensive and inappropriate nature. Excessive Capitalization   2. Off Topic, spamming, and trolling
         This category includes: Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or gibberish Creating topics/post for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums Creating topis/post on the forum that already exit, (Please use search and add to the existing topics where you can)  Causing disturbances in forum post, such as ruining the topic, insulting others Abusing the "Report Post" feature by sending in false reports Users should make sure that they post new topics and posting in the appropriate forum, and users are asked to be familiarized with the forums. This will help other users and moderators be able to respond fast with an appropriate answer to questions, bug/issue reports. Before beginning a new topic, look and see if an active topic has already been started.  Posting multiple messages with the same content across several topics/post is unwelcome/inappropriate   3. Warnings      If a member is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will: Be given a warning point(s) Be given a final warning Content of posting will be moderated and approved by admin/moderators before users post is seen in the forum thread Be temporarily banned from the BlackWot forums Failure to comply with these forums rules will ultimately result in your permanent ban from BlackWot forums, loss of all services from staff, support from all staff, access to all mods from BlackWot, and no refunds will be issued The level of punishment is dependent on your actions   Remember, the age range in this forum is all ages. So we ask that you be respectful, mindful, and thoughtful of all age groups in this forum.  Would you want your kids reading/seeing what you are post for others to see?   Black wot.com is not responsible for your WG account(s) being banned. By using illegal mods you accept this risk of your account getting banned by WG.   Any illegal mod downloaded from this website/forum Carrys that risk   Thanks you FirEmt_07
    • Lucky Style

      Special Service   01/30/2017

      WORLD OF TANKS and WORLD OF WARSHIPS POWER LEVEL SERVICE "10% discount for SAE, Black Wot  users , if the contract value is more than 150USD" SERVERS : ASIA - EU - NA Skype : electron2007.ina

      SPECIAL PACKAGE 3 Tier X unlock from Tier 5 / 350USD / 45 Days / WN8 2000 - 3000   STATS PADDING WN8 3500+ *updated (atm only available for ASIA server due to connection inconsistency) 50 Battles / 20 USD 100 Battles / 40 USD 200 Battles / 75 USD   MARKS OF EXCELLENCE MoE 0 > 75 USD > MoE 2 > 75 USD > MoE 3 *Preferred for tank with less than 50 battles played   REGULAR CONTRACTS
      All regular contracts are guaranteed of 2000WN8 TANK UNLOCK AND BUY T5 - T10 / 125 USD / 15 Days T8 - T10 / 90 USD / 10 Days T1 - T10 / 150 USD / 18 Days EXP FARMING 100K Exp / 25 USD / 2 Days 200K Exp / 50 USD / 4 Days CREDITS FARMING 2.500.000 Cr / 15 USD / 1 Day 5.000.000 Cr / 30 USD / 2 Days 25.000.000 Cr / 130 USD / 10 Days MISSIONS Personal Missions : 3USD / 5USD / 7USD / 10USD Mission 1-14 stugiv / T28Concept / T-55A / OBJ260 Gift Tank Missions : By Order WORLD OF WARSHIPS SERVICE: Premium Ships EXP farming : 100,000 Exp / 12 hrs / 25USD Tier 5 - Tier 8 Grind (unlock): 7 Days / 800USD Tier 8 - Tier 10 Grind (unlock): 14 Days / 120USD TERMS OF SERVICE A. Account Premium account Have atleast 1 Premium Tank T7, T8 will be better You can play during the contract B. Cancellation and / or Delay If you cancel the job before 25% of the job has been completed you get 50% refund If you cancel after more than 25% of the job has been completed you cannot get the refund Delay compensation will be agreed upon the contract making process C. Game Play No Chat abuse No battle rigging ACE or Heroic medal will be sent to you based on your instruction during the contract making   PAYMENT METHODS Paypal Invoicing under the name "YSH Online Service" Wire Transfer What i will need from the "buyer" of my service only their login email and pass.  For the payment i accept only paypal at this time, payment procedure is i send an invoice to the buyer (on this invoice will be described the objectives, work order number, time limit and special requirements if there is one from the buyer), i will not accept if they send me payment as family&friends or gift. If you dont understand how paypal invoicing works, read this article on paypal website. https://www.paypal.com/cz/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/sell/invoicing_works-outside There will be some steps : 1.Contract negotiation in email conversations is preferred but skype is acceptable too, this will be attached to the paypal invoice with the work order too (screenshot or video capture) 2. Payment 3. Work start max 12hrs afterpayment My paypal in verified premier (non-US) hence i cannot accept gift or family&friends payment by the rules of my region paypal in South east asia       (IP:  All questions send to electron2007 Edited November 11, 2016 by Lucky Style
      Marks of Excellence details (see edit history)
      Only staff can see this message 1 Quote Edit   change_author Share this post Link to post Quote this Lucky Style    340 Advanced Member Administrators 340 589 posts (IP: · · Posted August 27, 2016 (edited) · Report post I am the first person who has benefited from the Special Services.. I would recommend to anyone who does not have the time or for some other reason can not do this.. The entire order was to acquire approximately 70,000 EXP..It lasted less than two days.. Electron is trustworthy .That is good friend of Admin in this forum .His team is playing at a high level.I'll add some screenshots.. Start from : Middle : Finish :   More comments here :  


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